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Please tell me if there are any more mirror sites, or if there are problems with access to any of the above.
The Tale of a Former Mirror

There was a very popular US mirror sponsored by Walnut Creek at Apparently the Walnut Creek company, which produced CDROMs of freeware, Slackware Linux, FreeBSD, etc. was sold. I was contacted by the new owners of that site, saying that they needed "compensation" in order to keep it running, as it was receiving "too much" traffic. (A funny request, as I had originally been asked by Walnut Creek for our permission for them to mirror the archive). I replied that asking a university for payment in order to mirror one of our free ftp sites was close to laughable. They considered this an insult, and pulled the plug. (Note that that last time I looked the site still mirrored a couple of other old sites. Presumably they don't result in "too much" traffic.)

Jim Breen

Updated: 19 December 2006