Engineering and Science Technical Dictionary (Freeware)


This file is a reformatted version of a file labelled: "英語→日本語テック辞書" sent to me by James Friend. He received it at the "Onkyou Gakkai '00" acoustics conference in Japan in 2000. It was on a diskette among the conference kit goodies. He has lost the papers that came with it. It appears to be freeware, and he thought I might be able to make it available via the WWWJDIC server.

The file appears to have come from a Japanese source, as there were many spelling mistakes in the English of the "cancelous" (cancerous), "algolithmic" (algorithmic), etc. variety. My favourite is: "carrier sence multiple access with collision defect". I have corrected several hundred errors, but I am sure there are many more.

I would appreciate more information about this file if there is any available.


The original file was a Macintosh text file in the order: English Kanji Category-name Category-number Reading. The processing I carried out was:

  1. converting it to a EUC-encoded Unix text file
  2. changing the field order to the usual EDICT format
  3. removing the "Category-name" field, as this was implicit in the Category-number.
  4. adding kanji where the headword only or mostly had kana. For many entries I added a second entry with the extra kanji.
  5. combining entries where the reversal ((b) above) resulted in duplicated entries with differing English fields.
The end result has been a very nice file with about 14,100 entries, largely in the various engineering and scientific fields.


The original file had each entry categorized with a field name and number. I have left the number in parentheses after each English field. They map into the following list of categories:

  1. 計算力学
  2. バイオエンジニアリング
  3. 環境工学
  4. 産業・化学機械
  5. 宇宙工学
  6. 技術と社会
  7. 材料力学
  8. 機械材料・材料加工
  9. 流体工学・流体機械
  10. 熱工学
  11. エンジンシステム
  12. 動力エネルギーシステム
  13. 機械力学・計測制御
  14. ロボティクス・メカトロニクス
  15. 情報・知能・精密機器
  16. 機素潤滑設計
  17. 設計工学・システム
  18. 生産加工・工作機械
  19. FA(ファクトリーオートメーション)
  20. 交通・物流
Jim Breen
November 2001