SOD and SODA License Agreement


License is hereby granted to use these 1,000 Stroke Order Diagrams (SODs) and or 1,000 Stroke Order Diagram Animations (SODAs) on websites or in offline, non-commercial software subject to these four limitations:

  1. The attribution may not be altered, removed, or concealed. It must be displayed along with any display of the SOD or SODA.
      - Each SOD has the attribution "©".
      - Each SODA has the attribution "© KanjiCafe".
  2. Do not sell these diagrams or animations or bundle them in any product being sold. They are not yours to sell. If you sell them, you must have a commercial agreement with the Rolomail Trading Company.
  3. You may not use either the SODs or SODAs to create derivative diagrams or animations nor alter the them.
  4. NEW Requirement: Any web site using these Kanji Stroke Order Diagrams or Stroke Order Diagram Animations must provide a link back to this page. Anyone redistributing this particular set of 1,000 diagrams or animations must include an exact copy of this license.


It would be appreciated if anyone using the first 1,000 SODs or SODAs as a courtesy would notify Jim Rose at jim(at)

This release of the 1,000, supplants and replaces the experimental public release of the first 500 SODs and 500 SODAs created by the Stroke Order Diagram Editor-Retrographer (SODER). You should completely replace the original set of 500 with this new set. Many of the original 500 have been edited again.

The SODER project's goal is to create SODs for each of the 6,353 kanji in JIS X 0208-1990. The SODs are used to automatically create SODAs. In choosing which kanji to work on for these first 1,000 there has been no attempt to encompass any particular well defined subset of chinese characters. However, they are all from the more "important" 1/3rd of the JIS X 0208-1990 set. Note that none of the kanji in this release exceed 15 strokes. We plan to make another, larger public release of new diagrams and animations at the milestones of every 500 characters, or 12 public releases before the final set is published.

Each SOD is in PNG format and is either named by its 2 byte Extended Unix Code (EUC) kanji, or by the 3 byte (usually) Unicode equivalent following the pattern:


Each SODA is in GIF89a format and is named by its 2 byte Extended Unix Code (EUC) kanji, or by the 3 byte (usually) Unicode equivalent following the pattern:


All rights to these diagrams and animations are retained by the and the Rolomail Trading Company.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Jim Rose